Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow Day Catch Up!

There is no day better than a snow day to catch up on some blogging! We had President’s Day off and we have had snow days ever since. My laundry and cleaning is almost caught up on and I am starting to catch a little bit of cabin fever! Although, truth be told I have LOVED just hanging out in my comfy clothes and just spending time with my husband this week!

I didn’t get a chance to post a picture of the valentines that I made for my class last week so here it is!  Better late than never am I right??

I used the google eye rings that I found in the party section of Target and the monster clipart from KPM Doodles to make them! And I just stuck the rings on using large glue dotseasy peezy! I think they turned out great for doing them at10 o'clock the night before! I have posted the cards here for free just in case anyone wants themfor NEXT year of course!!

Last week, we worked on homophones in language. We read the book, "Dear/Deer" and we watched the Brainpop Jr. video on homophones to introduce the skill.

My kids loved homophones and although they thought that they were super fun, many of them seemed to really struggle with choosing the correct homophone to complete a sentenceI mean they sound the same so without visual cues, they had a hard time! It reminded me of this...

So, I whipped up some worksheets and activities that included the words AND the pictures to help my low babies and they seemed to catch right on -YAY!!! Here are a few examples:

cut & paste printable from my Homophones Activity Pack

another printable from my Homophone Activity Pack

My kids loved these! We used dab markers for the one worksheet, but you could just as easily use crayons!

If you think your students would benefit from these activities, go check out my Homophone Activity Pack that was designed with K-2 in mind!

Stay warm friends!